Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Here!..........................

I got a Gypsy!   When I first heard of it, I had just gotten my Cricut Expression. I figured I could do just fine without one.  Plus, they were expensive. Then over time, I decided I really did want one. thinking it would be nice to pick what sizes to make my cut outs. Would be really nice to be able to weld letters together to make my words instead of piecing them together one by one, or hoping one of my cartridges happened to have the word or words I was looking for.  I am still learning this little gem, know it will take time, but.......


This will be a BIG help. Megan at Above Rubies Studio has this neat little DVD that explains EVERYTHING the Gypsy can go.  I did watch it yesterday, but will need to watch it again and really play with my Gypsy. 

I love Paper Layerz!  They are so cool. You use them with any die cut machine and can make cards and projects using 1 sheet of paper for your die cuts. 

I also bought a PickMeUp.  This will really come in handy when it comes to picking up those little tiny cuts for my projects.  Sometimes, tweezers just don't cut it.


  1. Lisa,
    How exciting for you. You are going to love your gypsy. I bought mine when they first came out and now I never craft without it!! Where did you find that Paper Layerz?? That is pretty cool. Welcome to the MCCR Design Team, I look forward to seeing your projects. I am your #2 follower!!!
    MCCR DT Sister,

    1. Thanks Kathy!! I am still playing with my Gypsy, trying to get it all figured out. As far as the Paper Layerz go, I ordered them from They are awesome!


  2. Love the paper Layerz idea, have to check that out. thanks!