Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Haul

I Went to WalMart on Saturday to pick up a few thinks. I hardly every buy scrapbook or card supplies from WalMart, but I just went to check out what they might have.  They had TONS of stuff on clearance. The items below we 20 cents each.  Where I have an 8 yr old who loves to make cards, I thought they would be perfect her her.  

 Aliyah loves glitter, anything that sparkles.  There is also some flocking included. I have never used it, but plan on learning.  Hey, they were 20 cents.

Aliyah loves BLING.  She loves Glitter. She loves stamping. We actually bought multiples of these items and now she can just be free with her creativity.

 These were ink colors that we didn't have yet.  Well, I have white, but Aliyah doesn't

 Aliyah loves ribbon. We are also planning on making Marina's birthday party invitations, so, the red will come in handy.  We have multiples of these as we.

I love SEI kits. Their papers are awesome.  I was getting their scrapbook kits, but felt I would get more use from their card kits. A few weeks ago, SEI had a give away on FaceBook. All you had to do was respond to a post and 1 person would win 3 add on kits.  Then they announced that everyone who responded would get the kits.

This is their card kit for March.

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